Rob Bemthuis presented his doctoral consortium paper at the 23rd Enterprise Distributed Object Computing (EDOC) Conference 2019. The conference took place at the PANTHÉON-SORBONNE UNIVERSITY in Paris. His paper can be found here and the presentation here.


Technological advancements of emerging paradigms such as Internet of Things have enabled new modes of system design. The supply chain logistics domain can benefit significantly from advances in monitoring and detection of emergent behavior. This doctoral research aims to investigate how techniques and enterprise architectures can be used in order to improve the resilience of logistics supply chain environments. One of the focus areas is the management and improvement of business logic. The foreseen contributions relate to three business logic design aspects. First is the allocation and scheduling of business logic tasks. The next contribution is related to extracting meaning from colossal volumes of data by accommodating data analytic methods. The last contribution evaluates hierarchical software architectures and the underlying system-wide and individual logistics business process performance. Advise is sought on the prospective role business logic can play to improve real-time decision-making in supply chain logistics
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